Fun n Food Theme Kit for 1-3 Years Old

Fun n Food Theme Kit for 1-3 Years Old

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  1. Monkey Feeding Activity: An Activity involving Counting Food and Feeding it to Monkey
  2. Finger Painting Book along with a Painting Mat, an Apron, a Water Colour set & a Tray.
  3. Picnic Barbeque: A Role play set to give a flavour to the bond between you and your little Chef
  4. Worksheets: Fun & Learning Sheets
  5. First Learning Book: A Book on expressions & daily habits


  1. Picnic Barbeque Role Play set – Children have a natural curiosity and are engaged by things that are tactile and this is the reason we have included this activity. Barbeque Chef is a role-play activity, this will develop emotional and social developmental skills in your child.
  2. Finger Painting – This activity helps to bring out the “Creative Genie” from your child’s talent lamp! Let the world of colours mesmerize your child and take him/ her on a ride which will not only entice but also help in developing excellent visualization powers. In this activity pack, your kid will get a complete setup for finger painting i.e. painting book, watercolors, palette, apron and paint mat.
  3. First Learning Book – This book helps your child to speak and to express himself/herself. The book introduces your child to the family members, promotes to speak basic words such as papa, mumma, hi, bye, etc. Your child will learn to give facial expressions and various hand movements. Also, he/she will get to know about his/her body parts. The book helps your child develop social, emotional, observational, learning and cognitive skills.
  4. Worksheets – We have designed worksheets in such a way that they offer a unique learning avenue to kids. They are not only fun to do but even facilitate ease of learning and knowledge retention in the young minds.
  5. Monkey Feeding – Through this activity, your child learns counting objects and showing numbers on fingers. Pick one flashcard, ask your child to check what and how much the monkey wants to eat and then feed the monkey accordingly. This activity helps your child develop observational, learning, academic and cognitive skills.

4 reviews for Fun n Food Theme Kit for 1-3 Years Old

  1. Raghav Chandak (verified owner)

    I gifted this kit to my nephew and he really appreciate it….

  2. Kamya Gupta (verified owner)

    Excellent concept…specially the monkey feeding activity is really wonderful.

  3. Harshita Jain (verified owner)

    The activities are very vibrant and colourful, creates excitement in child to explore it as much as possible.

  4. Vidhi Gosavi (verified owner)

    The kit is incredible… all the activities bring joy to the little ones and improve their time away from gadgets.

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