Fun in City Theme kit for 1-3 Years Old

Fun in City Theme kit for 1-3 Years Old

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  1. City Tour Map: A City Board with the cutouts of its important Buildings
  2. Transportation Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzles of Transportation Vehicles.
  3. First Learning Book: A Book on expressions & daily habits
  4. 4 Seasons Activity: A Match and fix activity that includes all Four Seasons and their significance
  5. Finger Painting Book along with a Painting Mat, an Apron, a Water Colour set & a Tray


  1. First Learning Book – This book helps your child to speak and to express himself/herself. The book introduces your child to the family members, promotes to speak basic words such as papa, mumma, hi, bye, etc. Your child will learn to give facial expressions and various hand movements. Also, he/she will get to know about his/her body parts. The book helps your child develop social, emotional, observational, learning and cognitive skills.
  2. City Tour Map – Help Emma in completing the City Map. Take the cut out, match it with the buildings given in the instruction card, check the number of the matched building. Place the building cut out on that number in your city map.
  3. Seasons Activity – Let your child understand the seasons we experience in a year. Describe each season to your child. Ask him/her to put cut-outs on their places on the sheets. Tell him/her what is the relevance of each item mentioned in the season sheet. For example, one of the utilities of an umbrella is to prevent us from getting wet in rain.
  4. Transportation Puzzle – Puzzles games are a great learning tool for toddlers as they foster many skills and mental learning advantages and opportunities. This activity helps your child develop skills such a critical thinking, problem solving, visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, visual memory and fine motor skills.
  5. Painting Kit – This activity helps to bring out the “Creative Genie” from your child’s talent lamp! Let the world of colours mesmerize your child and take him/ her on a ride which will not only entice but also help in developing excellent visualization powers.

5 reviews for Fun in City Theme kit for 1-3 Years Old

  1. Prajjwal Shrotriya (verified owner)

    Outstanding concept!

  2. Piyush Agasthi (verified owner)

    It’s Great for grabbing a child’s attention and keeping him engaged for a longer period of time.

  3. Suhani Bhatt (verified owner)

    Brilliant combination of different concepts in a single kit.

  4. Palak Choudhary (verified owner)

    The kit is comprehensive having age-appropriate activities….must buy!!

  5. Ketan Valecha (verified owner)

    Best for kids!

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