Learning Kit for 2 – 3 Year Kids

Learning Kit for 2 – 3 Year Kids

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What You Get in this learning kit for 2 – 3 year kids :

  1. City Tour Map: A City Board with the cutouts of its important Buildings
  2. Monkey Feeding Activity: An Activity involving Counting Food and Feeding it to Monkey
  3. 4 Seasons Activity: A Match and fix activity that includes all Four Seasons and their significance
  4. Transportation Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzles of Transportation Vehicles.
  5. Painting Kit: Painting Sheets along with a Painting Mat, an Apron, a Water Colour set & a Tray.
  6. Worksheets: Fun & Learning Sheets
  7. Wheel and Dice: An Activity to Check how much your Child has learnt through this kit
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Each Activity in this Fun and Learning Kit for 2 – 3 year old kids has its own purpose –

  1. City Tour Map – Help Emma in completing the City Map. Take the cut out, match it with the buildings given in the instruction card, check the number of the matched building. Place the building cut out on that number in your city map.
  2. Monkey Feeding – Through this activity, your child learns counting objects and showing numbers on fingers. Pick one flashcard, ask your child to check what and how much the monkey wants to eat and then feed the monkey accordingly. This activity helps your child develop observational, learning, academic and cognitive skills.
  3. Seasons Activity – Let your child understand the seasons we experience in a year. Describe each season to your child. Ask him/her to put cut-outs on their places on the sheets. Tell him/her what is the relevance of each item mentioned in the season sheet. For example, one of the utilities of an umbrella is to prevent us from getting wet in rain.
  4. Transportation Puzzle – Puzzles games are a great learning tool for toddlers as they foster many skills and mental learning advantages and opportunities. This activity helps your child develop skills such a critical thinking, problem solving, visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, visual memory and fine motor skills.
  5. Painting Kit – This activity helps to bring out the “Creative Genie” from your child’s talent lamp! Let the world of colours mesmerize your child and take him/ her on a ride which will not only entice but also help in developing excellent visualization powers.
  6. Worksheets – We have designed worksheets in such a way that they offer a unique learning avenue to kids. They are not only fun to do but even facilitate ease of learning and knowledge retention in the young minds.
  7. A Wheel and Dice activity – This activity checks how much your child has actually embibed and benefitted from this learning box.

and of course an overall mission of your child’s development with the help of this Best Learning Kit for 2 – 3 year old kids as it has been proven that a child learns fastest when the learning is supplemented with the help of Educational Toys and Learning Kit and Learning Toys.


What is Beautiful Mindz Kit?

Beautiful Mindz Kits are age-specific kits designed to engage kids’ senses, spark their imaginations, and foster their creativity & curiosity in the best ways to help them develop various skills at a young age.

Why Beautiful Mindz is the Best learning kit for 2 – 3 year old kids?

  1. Age Appropriate Activities: Age-appropriateness is a major factor when it comes to how much a child enjoys a toy. By the time children are 3, their brains have reached 80 percent of their adult volume. The kit is designed in such a way that it aids the development of a kid.
  2. Nurture their curiosity to explore things: Curiosity is the desire to learn. Babies are born learners, with a natural curiosity to figure out how the world works. They are always eager to explore, discover and figure things out. The kit is so thoughtfully designed with colours and attractive figures that it entices the kid’s attention and invites him to explore things in it.
  3. Increases the bond between you and your kid : Playing with toys and having one-on-one playtime with your little ones are key aspects in your child’s development. The kit provides an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your kid and create everlasting bond and memories.
  4. Keeps them away from TV & mobile phones: By giving your child the opportunity to play on their own and with you, you are fostering an environment perfect for learning. The Beautiful Mindz kit is designed to encourage them to interact with others as well as keeping them away from the digital world.
  5. Build a solid foundation for your child’s learning: So much of our learning starts before we even set foot inside a traditional classroom setting. This makes this early period a crucial time for fine motor and cognitive development as well as early math and literacy skills. The Beautiful Mindz kit is intended to encompass more than one developmental skill by providing a variety of activities in an effort to help build a solid foundation for your child’s learning.

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14 reviews for Learning Kit for 2 – 3 Year Kids

  1. Anjali Desai (verified owner)

    Must buy! Fantastic kit.

  2. Savi Bhatia (verified owner)

    The kit was received in a good condition. Delivered on time. The activities are appropriate for toddlers. The kit has activity books, painting set, puzzle set, role play set, etc.

  3. Pooja Bhargava (verified owner)

    My child is very happy playing with Beautiful Mindz Kit…Thank You Beautiful Mindz!

  4. Neha Upasani (verified owner)

    Worth the price

  5. Raghvendra Anand (verified owner)

    I bought it for my 2.5 years old daughter and she really loves it.

  6. Anil Sahu (verified owner)

    Nice gifting solution

  7. Mahak Jain (verified owner)

    Thank you Beautiful Mindz for making my little one happy. Looking forward to order more!!

  8. Palak Airen (verified owner)

    My first apprehension for the kit was maybe it is overpriced a bit. But it is definitely worth the money since there are a lot of things packed in a single kit. 7 different variety of activities make the child excited and also keep him engaged for long time. The kit is made with so much of dedication that each activity contains small things that a child would need for playing with that activity like in painting kit along with painting book you get water colours, tray, apron and painting mat. I am really impressed with it…

  9. Riddhima Shastri (verified owner)

    Best for all toddlers of this age group

  10. Aditi Jain (verified owner)

    Perfect way to spend quality time with kids.

  11. Sakshi Dubey (verified owner)

    Aadi admires 4 Seasons and Monkey Feeding Activities a lot…These are one those engaging activities with which he never gets bored…

  12. Vaidika Kaul (verified owner)

    My daughter really loves playing with the kit and I would whole-heartedly recommend this to all parents. The kit is worth your money and time.

  13. Harsh Keval (verified owner)

    It’s fun playing Beautiful Mindz kit with my daughter…we both love playing puzzles and city tour map activities the most, infact all activities are awesome….You would observe a little child coming out of you while playing this kit

  14. Ruhani Mittal (verified owner)

    Lovely…Will recommend it to everyone…

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