Magic of Working Moms!

Magic of Working Moms!

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Work life balance whether you work at home or commute to an office is the biggest unicorn in life. Working from home with toddlers and babies can turn into another job. Kids demand around-the-clock attention—and parenting while juggling conference calls, never-ending emails, and tight deadlines is no joke. Working from home with a baby is a harder balancing act. Under normal circumstances, you’d have a nanny that could come over and help out. Or, you’d drop your child at daycare. However, in this new normal, and you may find that you have no option but to work with one hand while holding a baby in the other.

To help you juggle both responsibilities, we’ve collated some great tips on working from home while looking after your toddler.

Get Up Early

The best way to work when your toddler is around is by getting as much done as possible when they aren’t. This means setting an alarm an hour or two before they are up for the day. If you do your best in the morning, tackle your largest projects, organize yourself, respond to quick email requests, and plan out the rest of your workday you can than spare free time in rest of the day.

Encourage Independent Play

Independent play is important for toddler development and should be encouraged. For working parents, independent play can give mom or dad some much needed time to get work done. Activity kits or busy bags are a great way to entice your toddler to play by herself. They’re exactly what they sound like: collection of simple activities designed to keep toddlers busy and also help in their development.

Keep Kids Entertained

Set aside a few cool toys and Educational games that your kids can play with, or arrange movie viewings only for some time. If your children have something to look forward to, they’ll be less likely to interrupt you. You can also try setting up an activity center near you so your kids are save and they will also not disturb you.

Take Advantage of Nap Time

When you’re a work from home parent, enforcing a nap time each day is not only important for your little one’s health and development, it’s critical for you.If you can, encourage a long nap—two to three hours for your toddlers than you will also get enough time to get your things done.

Give Your Toddler Undivided Attention

Leaving work behind physically is not possible, and it can be tough to let it go mentally as well. But if your toddler is trying to get your attention, chances are, he’s not going to stop until he succeeds.Put your to-do list aside, log off the computer, and give your toddler the attention he needs and deserves. Set boundaries and make sure there are plenty of work-free times throughout the day.

Work Within the Rhythm of a Toddler’s Day

The work you plan to do while your child is awake should be something that can be easily interrupted. Save conference calls or work that takes a lot of concentration for when your child is not around or when your child is napping.

Divide and conquer

Sharing responsibilities can make all the difference if you have a partner.  Coordinate your schedules and child care arrangements, and divide up household chores. This will ease your work and you will also a have a working and stress free environment around you.

It’s not easy balancing at all. On days when you’re feeling like you could give more at work or at home (or both), tell yourself that you’re doing the best you can and you are managing everything perfectly.