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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Our story

When it comes to buying learning games for your kids , anything that subtly introduces learning and development whilst keeping them entertained is a triumph. That’s why we’ve hunted high and low to compile this amazing activity kit that will help your kids to learn many things in a fun way.

The Beautiful Mindz kits engage your little learners with delightfully animated characters and exciting challenges as they explore various activities of the kit. They will learn new things and develop various skills but in a way that your child won’t even notice.

The fun learning element of Beautiful Mindz Kits keeps the children constantly engaged and they keep wanting more. So, as parents, if you are looking for an outlet that is not only fun but also educative — consider getting your child hooked onto our Beautiful Mindz learning kits.

They will not only love spending time figuring things out, but they will also end up spending a lot less time watching TV & mobile phones!

Playing games is a very vital tool and help improving children from any age group in many ways. Educational games and activity kits provide physical and mental development for children who need spending energy always.

For the kids, brain improvement games are as important as their sleeping routine and diet. Through our designed kids children can learn to take responsibilities according to their capabilities. Their memory skills,listening skills, sensory and motor development tend to be improved by time. Toddlers who are exposed to activities for kids and education formats are likely to approach education with a fun and enthusiastic mindset.